FoodForSleep + Menopause Programs

For those experiencing uncomfortable peri-menopause/menopausal symptoms, Roxanne offers various menopause specific programs that support balancing hormones, meeting nutritional needs, improving sleep and energy, weight loss and more. 

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So, you've been struggling to get a good night's sleep. Maybe you're waking up feeling like a zombie, unable to think straight all day and as if you have no energy to do the things you love.

Perhaps this is taking a toll on your relationships or personal life. You might even find yourself changing your bed sheets throughout the night or your clothes throughout the day because night sweats and hot flashes are at their worst.

If menopause is getting the best of you,The Step by Step Guide to Sleeping Through The Night During Menopause is the first step to getting back to you!

Get the sleep you need, naturally

Over the next 4 weeks I will show you how you can make small, manageable and incredibly beneficial changes to your life so that you can feel like the best version of yourself!

The Step by Step Guide to Sleeping Through The Night During Menopause offers:

  • weekly online videos that cover topics including diet, lifestyle, stress management, sleep hygiene and more
  • Your own Happy Hormones Guide - an e-book containing the how's and why's of menopause, 90+ recipes and a 4 week meal plan for you to follow so that you can get back to optimal health, achieve ideal weight and get consistent, quality sleep!

Every week you will receive an email with a link for the week's video and action items for you to implement into your life. You will also have access to me, via email, over this 4 week period to ask questions directly.

This unique food-based program is going to teach you

  • how you can make changes that will work for you and your lifestyle.
  • which foods support optimum hormone function
  • which foods will support quality sleep
  • inspire your taste buds
  • give you a better sense as to how your body is working during this transitional period.

I'm Roxanne Brooks, Registered Holistic Nutritionist R.H.N. and Certified Adult Sleep Coach. I struggled with hormonal imbalances for 10 years which left me tired, drained, unable to think clearly and unable to sleep. Through my education and personal journey I was able to find the answers to my hormonal imbalances and sleep issues. I now help women like yourself find their way to their best selves through eating well, self care and awareness.

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