6 Weeks to Better Sleep©

Do you feel like you've heard it all, tried all of the pills and all of the tricks to sleep better, yet you're still exhausted all day? You're still tossing and turning all night and unable to fall asleep?

You're not alone!

There is not a one size fits all solution to sleep issues but this 6 week guide is guaranteed to help you sleep better! 

This is it!! The answer you've been waiting for!

6 Weeks to Better Sleep is an online course that allows you to learn everything you need to know to improve your sleep. Clinically proven, evidence based protocols (that you haven't read about on Facebook) to address the root cause of your sleep troubles. 

Complete the modules at your own pace and use the guided implementation tools at the end of each week to improve your sleep and overall health now and in the future!




What real users are saying

"Roxanne's, "6 Weeks to Better Sleep" program was so helpful for me. I have struggled with my sleep since becoming a mother, and even after my children were sleeping well I found my struggles continued. Although I knew a lot about sleep hygiene already, it was great to have access to this course. It validated what I knew I needed to do, and gave me the encouragement to make some concrete changes to finally achieve a better night's rest. Each module was laid out for quick and easy access. I really appreciated that Roxanne selected exactly what we would need to know so that we weren't spending time digging through material to get to the good stuff. The course is concise and important points are highlighted. I learned that a bedtime "routine" is essential for me, and that it isn't just a "nice idea". With the implementation of a more structured routine and 30 minutes of daily exercise (as recommended in the course), I am falling asleep way more quickly, and sleeping a lot more soundly too. I would recommend this course to anyone who is struggling with their sleep, or anyone who wants a thorough basic knowledge of sleep hygiene for use with their adult clients."   Lara R - Port Moody, B.C.


"This program is fantastic! I love how she outlined the content and presented it in really helpful and implementable ways. I found stress management to be a particularly helpful week and I was able to take away strategies that will continue to help me long after the completion of her program. Best of all, I learned how to improve my sleep through her advice and would recommend this program to anyone struggling with sleep! She is so positive and was always there to help every step of the way!"    Kelsi S - Vancouver, B.C.


"I found this sleep program really helpful. The content and suggestions were easy to integrate and through it, I found I was sleeping better. Thanks for bringing better sleep to my life."    Luis E - Vancouver, B.C.


"I love how Roxanne has divided up the weeks into topics where you can focus on one idea at a time. It can be overwhelming when programs ask you to start with everything! Roxanne breaks up the topics into easy to manage tasks for the week that can be incorporated into our daily lives easily. With the information that is provided, I found it easy to understand what was truly impacting my sleep and able to have steps to take to manage that issue. By the end of week 5, I was sleeping full nights again!"   Crystal J - Kincardine, O.N.


"I joined '6 Week to Better Sleep' to learn better habits and figure out how to improve my lifestyle in order to make sleep a priority. I loved that the program was weekly but self-paced so I was able to stay on track but work through the content at my convenience. The nutritional guidance and stress management tips were especially helpful, though every week I learned something new that was easy to implement into my routine. I learned the importance of sleep hygiene and can honestly say that my habits improved almost immediately. I would recommend this program to anyone, but especially women who have busy schedules and difficulty winding down at night, or new parents who are trying to figure out how to overcome insomnia or poor sleep habits once their children are sleeping through the night. Thank you, Roxanne for your amazing program, your responsiveness and your guidance over the past 6 weeks!"   Allyson H, Vancouver, B.C.


For less than you spend on coffee a week,   less than one round of prescription sleeping pills,    and less than 2 months supply of melatonin (that I assure you, isn't providing the results you want) you will learn exactly what you need to resolve your sleep struggle.